[EN] 27 signs you’ve been in Istanbul for a fair amount of time

1 – You never say no to tea. Or food. Ever.

2 – You risk your life every day, just because you cross the roads.

3 – You never think you are changing continents when crossing the Bosphorus.

4 – You take off your shoes before entering any house.

5 – Cigarettes’ smell is now a part of you.

6 – You have plans on what you are going to do on the bus you take home, because you know there will be traffic and wasting an hour or two of your day looking at other people is simply wasted time.

7 – You don’t get scared anymore when mosques start the call for prayer.

8 – You stop questioning why everyone puts yogurt in everything.

9 – Or eats bread with pasta.

10 – You miss the social rules of “letting everyone out of the tram/metro before getting in”

11 – You forgot what “cheap alcohol” means.

12 – You go out at least once a week for Kahvalti (Turkish breakfast).

13 – Doner is now your drunk comfort food.

14 – You now know how to play backgammon, but you still suck at it.

15 – Recycling is a something that belongs to your past.

16 – You have your favorite kebab place.

17 – You know Yemek Sepeti will always be there for you.

18 – You have no idea what was written in the hundreds of pages you signed to open a bank account.

19 – You know that everything will be cheaper and easier if you have a Turk with you.

20 – “Afiyet Olsun” is now part of your vocabulary, and there’s no way you can eat something without hearing eat (even if it’s a cookie).

21 – You know all the cats in your street and still you say “oooh you are so cute!” when you see them.

22 – You accept the sound Turks make with their tongue “ts” as no.

23 – You know that at least 5 people will bump into you when crossing Istiklal.

24 – You can speak Turkish if you add Yoooooo and Yaaaaaaaa to the end of each thing you say.

25 – You don’t look confused anymore when people ask you “how much do you make?”

26 – You don’t find it weird if your bus driver is texting or reading the newspaper while driving.

27 – You know that when you leave, you will somehow, miss this chaos.


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